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About us

About us

Magna Tactics is a company committed to high quality, innovative gear to suit your every day needs. Starting with the Magna Belt, we hope to revolutionize your everyday carry setup with magnets in smart places that help you do what you need to more quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Magna Tactics is based in Bellingham, WA. We are a local, American company hoping to make our impact on the world by sticking to the values we are founded on. We are committed to American Manufacturing and hope to sustain, and create jobs in places that need them. We wan't to grow and expand the tactical gear market by making high quality equipment that you know was made with quality in mind.

magnetic latching tactical gun belt for ccw shooting springfield xdm mod 2The company was founded in January of 2017 by Mike Howe, an engineer, product designer, and outdoors enthusiast. After many years working in related industries, and competing against foreign manufacturers, he realized that we've lost something about the products we buy. Quality is no longer expected, and is simply hoped for. Having a product arrive that feels like it was made by a real person who cares about what they are making, it's unheard of. He feels it's time to put that touch back into the products we buy, and to reject the pattern of buying foreign made products that don't share the same ideals.

Magna Tactics is founded on these principles, and will continue to grow into this market, and push these ideals to bring back what's been lost in the products we buy.